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Physician Services

Maximize Patient Care and Practice Performance

Oncology patients have unique care needs that include:

  • Long-term, scheduled treatments
  • Regular monitoring with lab work to track health status
  • The possibility for the occurrence of side effects that can be medically managed
  • Multiple, concurrent health concerns
  • Challenging lifelong care issues

This scenario sets up the possibility of over-prescribing or under-prescribing medications or labs. Not only would this indicate that national care standards are not being met, but these could also be missed opportunities for generating practice revenue or avoiding expense.

EMOL Health provides physician practices the vital, real-time clinical information they need to make the best patient care decisions at the correct time.

And with its ease of use and good value, EMOL Health lets physician practices maximize patient care and practice performance at the same time.

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Compatibility and Ease of Use for Physicians

Data Sources

At an oncology practice, EMOL Health aggregates data from other systems, such as any EMR, lab, billing, pharmacy, patient management and imaging. With these tools we can provide the most complete, detailed patient information available in the industry. Presented in our powerful web-based data reporting tools, this information helps achieve one very important goal: Ensuring cancer patients receive the highest-quality treatment possible throughout their entire course of care.

EMOL Health’s IT experts consult personally with physician offices to guarantee that our software works with on-site systems. your transition to our system will be easy and hassle-free. In addition, EMOL Health provides a complete range of IT services:

  • Custom interfaces
  • Full cycle consulting
  • Inter-program and intra-program communication
  • Data collection from EMRs and other sources
  • Data warehousing
  • Data aggregation
  • Data brokering
  • IT maintenance and support

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Automate Care

Automate Patient Care Tracking

EMOL Health automatically collects and retains clinical data from all IT sources in a practice, including physician dictation — a first in the industry. Our software also:

  • Flags patient symptoms, diagnoses or lab results that may indicate the need for treatment or monitoring
  • Gives practices easy-to-use web tools to track patient conditions and even project patient status into the future
  • Allows practices to set reminders for future patient care
  • Generates real-time patient data to help yo make decisions to maximize patient care
  • Offers a more consistent patient experience

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Unlock Revenue

Unlock Revenue from Missed Treatment Opportunities

Improved patient tracking opens doors for improved revenue opportunities. For example, EMOL Health easily allows you to check if you are administering medications as needed for Alimta maintenance therapy, Rituxan plus CHOP, and Zometa maintenance for bone metastases.

EMOL Health also:

  • Analyzes practice costs and profits
  • Helps you comply with pay-for-performance initiatives by payers, possibly increasing reimbursements
  • Simplifies insurance audits
  • Allows documentation to third-party payers that quality of care follows national patient care guidelines
  • Permits easy self-auditing for compliance with CMS Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI)
  • Improves information to help you negotiate with insurance companies

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Streamline Management

Streamline Practice Management

EMOL Health provides new approaches to managing costs and efficiencies as it:

  • Streamlines and tracks compliance with internal procedures
  • Provides reports that improve business operations
  • Helps practices comply with constantly changing evidence-based medicine
  • Easily benchmarks individual physicians and entire practices against national standards
  • Reports on key performance measurements

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Simplify Research

Simplify Involvement with Research Protocols

By making it easier to find patients who qualify for clinical trials and research projects, EMOL Health also:

  • Reduces the administrative burden of complying with research protocols
  • Eliminates human error in extracting information manually
  • Frees human resources from pulling patient records and data manipulation saving overhead costs

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Ease of Use

Easy to Deploy and Use

Because it is web based, the EMOL Health system is so easy to integrate with existing systems it is usually done in one weekend. Our IT experts will work personally with office staff to ensure that the transition is simple and hassle-free. In addition, EMOL Health:

  • Is fully HIPAA compliant, with all patient data de-identified before aggregation and all digital data stored in a fully secure location
  • Offers MS Excel downloads of data
  • Is accessed online for 24/7 web availability
  • Interfaces with any EMR or IT systems at your practice
  • Seamlessly communicates with IT systems in patient management, lab, pharmacy, billing, inventory management and EMR
  • Is fully maintained and supported

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Praise for EMOL Health

"I wanted to let you know that the Zometa tool helped us to identify patients who had diagnoses of 'bone mets' but were not receiving monthly Zometa. After confirming the diagnosis with the attending physician, not only were we able to treat the patient appropriately, but we also met our quarterly quota, which allowed us to obtain our 3 percent rebate. This equates to an approximate rebate of $6,568.96 for the quarter. This tool was effective in assuring that patients are getting proper care, but also assuring that [our practice] was able to meet its quota."
— Donna Lamb, RN, OCN, Nursing Services Manager

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Web Tools

Generate Powerful Reports with Web Tools

EMOL Health’s web tools allow physician practices to generate custom reports that track a variety of patient care data, including:

  • Visit dates
  • Diagnosis codes
  • Medications prescribed
  • Dates medications dispensed

With this information physician practices can identify missed opportunities for patient care, eliminate over- or under-use of medications or labs, benchmark against national standards of care, and improve revenue generation or cost cutting efforts.

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Dictation Mining

Parsing and Full Text Searching of Physician Dictation

Despite the addition of EMR, physicians continue to rely on the speed and ease of oral dictation to update patient charts, a habit reinforced by payers who require dictated notes for reimbursement. Because of this, key elements of the patient record may be contained only in physician dictations.

Data aggregation that relies solely on EMR can miss important facts, such as metastases, cancer stage, patient ethnicity and race, or specific type of cancer.

EMOL Health solutions include powerful software capabilities to find and mine information from oral dictation, giving our aggregated data more detail and accuracy.

We use two techniques to uncover patient information in physician dictations:

Full-Text Searching

After indexing all the words in a patient dictation, our software searches for significant matches using an algorithm to increase the accuracy of a match. For example, we know that physicians generally mention a patient’s race in the first sentence of dictation. Any subsequent uses of words that may seem to be a description of race are less likely to be a description of race, reducing the accuracy of that match.

Data Parsing

Our system also creates value through data parsing – the ability to dig though data to find important patient information that is more significant to researchers than to payers, such as co-morbidities, cancer stage, or histology code. EMOL Health can parse medications and diagnoses out of dictations with more than 90 percent accuracy.